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types of wood

We are widely aware of the performance and properties of the most exotic Central American woods, we have INAB certification, guaranteeing that we use sustainably extracted wood.


Our illustrations and digital resources have the objective that our clients can have details of size, shape, textures and colors of our products and materials without having to invest time in going to meet them in person at the store or factory; However, you should consider that the screen of your phone, cell phone, tablet, computer or any other electronic display device may generate differences that may vary their perception.

It is also important that you consider that the woods are natural components that vary their hue from tree to tree significantly.

We take care of the planet and the land of our artisans

We have the INAB (National Forest Institute) certification, guaranteeing our clients and our land the exclusive use of wood extracted in a conscious way with the planet and under strict preservation standards and reforestation plans.

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