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Personalization Elements

Our pieces are made to order so you can combine the colors of the fabric and the structure according to the characteristics you want to achieve in your space or project.



All our metal structure parts are covered by three layers of automotive quality protectors: impregnation base, color and transparent.

Fabric Interior_edited.jpg

Indoor Textiles

Our fabrics are of high quality, in order to guarantee the best performance in our pieces.


Wood Finish

Make sure that everything in the space creates the perfect mix, the finish of the wood is a serious player in this task.


PVC fabric

We have a large stock of PVC cord colors, the possible combinations seem endless, you can be as extroverted or conservative as you want.

Tela Exterior_edited.jpg

Outdoor Textiles

Of Italian origin and manufactured with the highest global quality standards, this material is undoubtedly the right component of a "Barefoot Luxury" piece.


LIV-Nautical fabric

We have a select range of LIV-Náutico cord, it looks as good as ordinary nautical fabric, however it is much more resistant due to  the hybrid of materials with which it is manufactured, has anti-fire properties and great resistance to weather.

Tipo de MAdera_edited.jpg

Wood Type

We are widely aware of the performance and properties of the most exotic Central American woods, we have INAB certification, guaranteeing that we use sustainably extracted wood.

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