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Purchase Policies and Guarantees

At Livistona Designs we offer our clients the following terms and conditions that describe the parameters and contractual framework for buying and selling products both directly and with our authorized distributors. When purchasing our products, our clients are covered and responsible for the following conditions:




Our illustrations and digital resources have the objective that our clients can have details of size, shape, textures and colors of our products and materials without having to invest time in going to meet them in person at the store or factory; However, you should consider that the screen of your phone, cell phone, tablet, computer or any other electronic display device may generate differences that may vary their perception.




We reserve the selected items for our customers for one hour so that you can proceed to make the payment. You must send proof (IMPORTANT: in the description of the receipt, put your name in order to confirm your purchase).


Then we will coordinate the delivery point and delivery date of your products. In the event that our client picks up at the store or factory, they have 15 days to pick it up, otherwise we cannot be held responsible for the integrity of the goods purchased because due to space limitations, the merchandise must be transferred to third-party warehouses.


Through our authorized distributors we have a section system with 50% of the total purchase and our customers have up to one month to complete the payment and our distributor will deliver to the agreed address on the day the section was made. In the event that the delivery address changes, the new shipping cost will be quoted, if applicable.



The date of delivery of your purchase and the approximate course of delivery (in the morning or in the afternoon) will be coordinated with the customer. We reserve to give an approximate time for various understandable reasons beyond our control (heavy traffic, accidents on delivery routes, delays by other customers when delivering the product, etc.).





All product descriptions or product prices are subject to change at any time without notice, at the sole discretion of Livistona Designs. We reserve the right to discontinue manufacturing and marketing of any product at any time.





The useful life is 25 years under normal conditions of indoor use with artificial light greater than 80% of the day, 3 years under extreme weather conditions outdoors, and 1 year in the presence of sea breeze.


The useful life time will be met and even increased considerably if a frequent furniture cleaning program is maintained. The foregoing applies to the woven product with plastic cord and metal structure. Products that include other materials may vary their times, for which Livistona Designs will provide said information.



Textile materials, fabric fibers, and paint colors may vary from lot to lot origin with our suppliers, and these variations may occur when you make multiple purchases over time.



Our products have the following guarantees: Unlimited lifetime guarantee: in Welding. Manufacturing warranty and hidden defects: 1 Year. Guarantee of permanence of color in fabric and outdoor fabric: 1 Year. Corrosion guarantee: 3 months.


We do not make any type of return unless it is for guarantee. If at the time of delivery you can observe any damage or inconsistency, we invite you to make immediate use of your guarantee by contacting your sales contact and tell the transport agent not to withdraw until you have received instructions from us.


We are not responsible for the state of the product or item purchased if the delivery is made with third-party transport.

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